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IndianPlantBasedKitchen.com teaches you to eat clean, plant based food filled with nutrition to improve your heart’s health, lose weight, and balance hormones.

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Healthier Heart, Right Weight

Indian Plant Based Kitchen shows you how to improve your heart’s health, balance hormones, lose excess weight & lead a healthy life.

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Your search for Plant based diet ends here.  Indian Plant Based Kitchen is your one-stop shop for Everything about Plant Based Food.

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Learn Step-by-Step how to transition to a healthy lifestyle.  Indian Plant Based Kitchen’s workshop will teach you to Eat Right!

What is Indian Plant Based Kitchen?

Our journey began when one member of our community, Saee, turned vegan. But she didn’t just go vegan, she became a whole food plant based diet practitioner – so zero refined oil, veggies with skins, whole grains and legumes, nuts and seeds, no processed foods such as sugar, maida, and … you get the drift!

It was a huge first step and one that contradicted all our traditional beliefs! It looked too big a challenge for many of us tea/coffee lovers and non-vegetarians. But Saee inspired us one by one with the results she saw in herself and those around her – diabetics, chronic migraine patients, cholesterol and BP patients, obese patients, etc.

As we all joined the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD), we saw dramatic improvements in our energy levels, health issues and weight. We started a potluck every month to inspire each other with recipes from around the country (and the world). This got so much participation that we now have hundreds of whole food, oil-less, vegan recipes with us. The best part is all the ingredients are locally sourced and commonly available in Indian kitchens. We’ve also adapted some recipes from expert vegan cooks from around the globe and made them whole food based.

Welcome to Indian Plant Based Food! It’s all about Clean Eating, Health and Nutrition.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Clean Eating Workshops

You can attend our Clean Eating Workshop, get a detailed plan of healthy eating.

Cooking Workshops

Oil-free, sugar-free, dairy-free snacks, smoothies, soups, salads for adults and for kids

Nutrition Awareness Talks

Plant based nutrition awareness talks, something that can help you tremendously.

One-on-One Consultation

One on one consultation to improve the diet.  Get a step-by-step plan to better health.


“It was very encouraging to see everyone else make wonderful dishes. You tirelessly answering our queries.

The biggest takeaway for me is that I was able to plan my cheat meals. I’m very happy to learn fasting in a manner that kept me feeling light and energetic the next day.”

Nitya Ramakrishnan

“To start with, I’m relatively well-informed on healthy eating habits.  But I found much value in the session.

Saee is deeply knowledgeable, gentle and persistent in taking us along in a one week journey where we strangers bond over food we eat in a day and identify changes we can make.

Food is so integral to us and making necessary changes there is a big big deal.  I think I have changed at least 2 habits in this one week.  Now I have to see if I can keep it going for the future.”

Omkar Gorkhindikar

One of the benefits I felt in clean eating program is I ate healthy with effortless planning.  I felt very lite and fresh throughout the day and I have lost in weight and inches too.

I am continuing the clean eating as a daily routine.

Yesterday I checked my weight @Saee Bapat, I have lost near about 4 kg and 2 inches around belly.  Thank you!

More Happy Participants

“My fasting sugar is 91, even post fruit fast!”

“The key takeaway is the self-realization that I can continue clean eating in the long run.”

“Acidity issue has vanished in 7 days.. and I am not a slave of a cup of tea anymore :)”

“My weight went down to 55.6(kg) from 57.5 kg bye eating more food ;)”

From Our Healthy Recipe Book

Navaratan Chiwada

Navaratan Chiwda Ingredients Jowar flakes – ½ cup Bajara flakes – ½ cup Plain makhana – ½ cup Roasted chana flakes – ½ cup Roasted peanuts / fried chana gram1 tbsp Curry leaves – 10/12 Sesame seeds – 2 tsp Flax seeds – 2 tsp Roasted Dhania crushed- 2 tsp Amchur powder...

read more

Savory Coriander Crackers

Savory Coriander Crackers Ingredients 1 cup Chickpea Flour (Besan) 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour 2 fistful Fresh Coriander Leaves 2 fistful Fresh Curry Leaves 2 Fresh Green Chillies (Medium Sized) 1 inch Ginger Pod 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Baking Powder 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder...

read more

Sarason Ka Saag

Sarson ka saag Makes 4 servings Ingredients 5 cups washed and chopped mustard leaves 5 cups washed and chopped spinach 1 1/2 tbsp. roughly chopped green chillies 1 tsp jeera / cumin seeds 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic 1 tbsp finely chopped ginger 1/2 cup finely chopped...

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