Fad diets come and go. And being a health enthusiast, I have tried my hands at many of them!

My search for the long-term, sustainable and simpler way of eating ended when I started eating the cleaner and smarter way, equipped with the real knowledge about food!

Do you know there are around 20,000 substances that we are exposed to now days that we are not evolved to eat including pesticides and artificial colours and certain chemicals?

They are hidden in our daily staple foods like oils and breads and ketchup.

One of the side effects of eating these foods is, they make our livers and kidneys work overtime, making them sluggish, clogging the drains of body.

Just like the drain in our kitchen sink gets clogged from time to time and needs cleaning, the liver is the drain of the body and also needs cleaning from time to time.

By choosing the food wisely we can help the liver to detox efficiently.

All you need to do is learn how to unclog the drain. And this can be achieved by changing what you eat 1 week every month!

I have been helping people transition to cleaner way of eating in order to detox and as a result manage weight, function with better energy levels and lead healthful lives.

If you are interested in trying the one-week clean eating program, which is completely online, get in touch with me.