Do you know there are 10 trillion cells in our body and even a greater number of bacteria, viruses and fungi residing inside it? Almost 3 times on an average!

Now over the years our bodies are evolved to feed on food that encourage friendly bacteria, fungi and viruses to grow with us.

When we eat the right food the right kind of friendly microbes grow and they work for our body in many ways.

  1. Many of them work with our immune system
  2. Many have coevolved to synthesis b12, b6 and other vitamins for us
  3. Many of them synthesise proteins and produce enzymes

But when we start eating food that we and these friendly microbes did not coevolve to eat, they start to die off. And in their place, bacteria and fungi that can eat these foods start to grow and make us addicted to the foods they need.

And many of them feast on our internal organs.

Now our immune system can’t fight them because we have lost our friendly bacteria and viruses and fungi. And in turn toxins get build up in our bodies.

But fortunately, the original ecosystem with friendly microbes can come back when we eat right foods. That’s how we can heal ourselves.

“I could come over my cold, fever n throat infection without taking any medicine”

“My acidity and bloating problem have disappeared in a week!”

Such feedback is common after the clean eating session.

If you want to learn what are the right foods in order to heal yourself, get in touch with me for the next clean eating program.