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  • 1 cup of ┬ácoconut cream (cream of green coconuts)
  • 3/4 cup melted chocolate (vegan).


1. Blend coconut cream to fine consistency. Add as little water as possible.
2. Melt vegan chocolate in a double boiler (Put the chocolate into a glass bowl. Place it on a steel bowl with water that’s on direct heat.). If the chocolate doesn’t already have sugar, use jaggery as the sweetener.
3. Whisk together both and you’re done.

Since this is pretty thick, can scoop out like mousse and have with fresh mango. That was yesterday’s amazing dessert. Too good!


Note: You can create variations by replacing coconut malai with avacado flesh…and can add some chia seeds so that it soaks water to make it thick..avacado flesh, coco powder, date paste

Contributor: Monica Samuel