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Welcome To A Healthy You!!!

In my years of working with people from different walks of life, I’ve learned one thing…

All the Yoga, and workouts can make you better, no doubt…

…but your health is incomplete without proper eating habits.  In this day and age, what we consume is of prime importance.  If you don’t eat right, everything falls apart.

I’ve seen it so often with my students and trainees that I chose to do something to make their lives better…

…after attending clean eating workshop in Bangalore, most of them have found great improvements, overall.

That’s when I realized, these habits need to be shared with the world at large, for the betterment of the world.  Here’s my humble and small steps toward achieving that vision.

Every Adventure Requires a First Step

Clean Eating Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn the Golden Rules of Clean Eating.  A systematic approach towards a healthier life.  I understand that adapting a new habit is difficult, it takes time, but like the saying goes “Well begun is half done”.

Let us take baby steps, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.  How?

Here’s how:

1. I will help you set a diet goal for a week.
2. You will be a part of this elite group of people who want to improve their lives.
3. This super-active group will support each other keep track of the new habit, by motivating each other as well as sharing healthy recipes.
4. You can ask questions and clarify doubts about clean eating.
5. Track your progress, and take corrective actions, if needed.
6. Turn that one week into two, and more, and lead a healthy life in the long run.


Healthy cooking workshops

  • Learn to make nutritious yet yummy oil free snacks
  • Learn to make salads and smoothies in fireless cooking sessions
  • How to make dairy alternatives like milk, curd, cheese etc
  • Sugar-free desserts and nice creams
  • How to cook keeping the nutrition intact with quick easy recipes

Nutrition awareness talks

  • Are you/ your children suffering from low immunity/seasonal infections/ asthma/ obesity/allergies/frequent cold and cough?
  • Are you worried about overall nutrition of your family?
  • Get to know the power of plant-based foods in order to eliminate these problems from your life!
  • Attend this one and half hour to explore simple life style changes towards healthier, sustainable and natural lives.

One on one consultation

  • Get a customized meal plan to work on your health goals
  • Get support on recipes and tips to stick to the plan

What People are Saying


“The key takeaway is the self-realisation that I can continue clean eating in the long run.”

“Slave, no more”

“Acidity issue has vanished in 7 days…and I am not a slave of a cup of tea anymore 🙂 ”

“Weight Loss”

“My weight went down to 55.6 kg from 57.5 kg by eating more food :)”


“My fasting sugar is 91, even post fruit fast!”

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