Preparation time : 20 mins

Serving size : 5 ppl Ingredients:

1. Foxtail millet-2 cups
2. Grated coconut -2cups
3. Organic jaggery- 1.5 cup
4. nuts- badam, cashew, walnut
5. Cardamom powder-1tsp


1. Soak millet overnight
2. Drain and grind it along with coconut and water till smooth
3. Filter the juice using a Muslin cloth.
4. Boil the extract along with jaggery stirring continuously to avoid lumps.
5. Once you get a thick consistency, add cardamom powder and immediately pour it on a plate or glass casserole that’s wide. Spread it out and garnish with nuts.
6. Let it cool for 1-2 hours. Store in fridge if u like it cold.
7. Cut it into pieces like burfi.