Sweet Potato Payasam


1 sweet potato

Couple table spoons soaked almonds

Couple table spoons soaked cashews

1 Cup Jaggery (small broken pieces are good) / 1 cup dates paste

3 Cup Coconut Milk

Half tea spoon cardamom powder


Peeled Sweet Potato

Chopped Sweet Potato in small pieces with knife

Added 1 cup jaggery/ dates paste and 1 cup of water into sweet potato and brought to boil (with lid on)

Let above mixture cool down

Mixed 1 cup Coconut milk into sweet potato and blended to consistency of smoothie

Mixed 1 cup coconut milk with soaked almonds, cashews and blended to consistency of smoothie

Added all above in one pot/kadhai

Added remaining coconut milk,

Added water and jiggery as needed.

Added Cardamom powder

Brought the whole mixture to warm temperature, Serve!


Contributor : Manoj Upadhye