Start with 1:3 peanut curd to water. If you don’t know how to make peanut curd, please refer Archana’s South Indian style kadhi recipe.

Blend properly.

In another bowl, mix besan (1 tbsp for 2 cups of blended mix), dhaniya powder, zeera powder, and aamchur (enough to make the mix slightly sour). Blend this with first mix.

Set a Kadai on gas. Roast methi Dana/powder, curry leaves. Pour in the mix. Stir constantly for five minutes or the besan will get lumpy. Stir once in a while once it starts to thicken. Add water if required. Finally, add salt. Kadhi is done.

vegan kadhi with peanut curd

For the pakoras, take besan, salt and mix in anything you like – coriander/methi/potato/onion/ cut-up bean sprouts that I did this time to finish them😬. Make a Batter, a little thinner than typical pakora coz we’re using the appe tawa. I add a pinch of soda or the pakoras come out a little hard. Your choice. Now cook in appe tawa. Once done, add to kadhi.

Vegank kadhi pakora

For tempering, I add mustard first with red chillies, once roasted quickly add hing, red chilli powder. Since this burns fairly quickly, just add water. Pour over the kadhi.

vegan kadhi without milk or oil

There you go😊