Masala Mathri sticks
11/2 cup suji
1 cup wheat flour
1/2 cup Besan
1 tbs carom seeds
1 ts red chilli powder /Apt
1 tbs chat masala
Salt as per taste
1 cup peanut butter
Hot water as per requirement.

Mix all ingredients in a big bowl and
Knead them together .
Make a nice n smooth dough.
Keep aside for 1/2 n hour.
Now roll n cut it in desire shapes.

Preheat oven on 180 *c
Keep for 20 minutes on middle rack on parchment paper. According to the thickness set minutes .max 25 is enough.

Peanut butter *
Grind roasted peanuts till they turnout very smooth.

🥥Coconut dip*
1/2 cup chopped coconut
3 garlic cloves
1 ts cumin seeds
1 green chilli
1/2 lemon juice
Salt to taste
Grind all together
Add water for desire consistency.

*Beetroot dip 🍠
1/2 cup chopped beet
1/4 cup coconut
5 soaked cashew
1″ sweet potato
1 Green chilli
Black salt as per taste
Grind all together
Add water as per desire consistency.

*Maple soya dip 🍯
3 tbs pure maple syrup
1 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs lemon juice
1/2 ts chilli flakes
And pinch of salt .
Mix all ingredients.

Serve your mathris with these three yummy dips!

Contributor: Meenakshi Maheshwari