Bajari khichdi


  • whole Bajri soaked overnight
  • Any dal or combination of various dals (I used Moong dal, chilka Moong dal, toor dal, yellow masoor dal)
  • rice
  •  Bajri and dals along with rice ratio ( I used is 2:1)
  • ginger garlic chillies paste
  • chopped Vegetables (any)
  • Bay leaf
  • cloves
  • dry red chillies
  • curry leaves


  • First, strain the Bajri and then pound it… (You can crush it in mixer also- just coarse consistency-like broken Bajri till husk is separated)
  • Heat the pressure cooker and let the mustard splutter, then add Bay leaf, dry red chiliies, cloves, and curry leaves.
  • Then add chopped vegetables, garlic and green chilly paste, pounded Bajri, soaked dals and rice… Mix it well
  • Add salt, turmeric and add almost four times hot water
  • Let it boil sometime without lid and after half cooked close the lid and pressure cook it for 4-5 whistles and then simmer it for 5-7 min…

( Contributed by: Aarti Rajgopal)